Vaccine Bill Protests, Measles Outbreak Update, and ex-NFL star Darren Sharper

State lawmakers are facing pushback on a bill that would make vaccinations mandatory in California. What’s driving the protests? Will the bill survive? State health officials are still monitoring what’s been considered the worst measles outbreak in California in years. But how bad was it? Last year, former NFL star Darren Sharper admitted to raping 9 women in 4 states.  A new investigation says many of the rapes could have been prevented. Forty years ago marked the end to the Vietnam War. Viet Thanh Nguyen’s new novel, The Sympathizer, offers a fresh look at the contentious history from the Vietnamese-American perspective. P-22, the iconic Mountain Lion who usually roams Griffith Park, took up residence in Los Feliz yesterday. A shocked homeowner found the infamous cat under his house last night. What’s behind P-22’s fame and his recent adventure into residential LA?

Banner Image: A nurse wearing blue gloves administers a vaccine into a male patient's arm.