Vaping, Chevron in Ecuador & Crowdsourcing Science

The LA City Council has banned e-cigarettes wherever regular cigarettes are banned. But are e-cigs as dangerous? And what are vape lounges all about? In Ecuador, a judge ruled yesterday that a previous $9.5B settlement against Chevron was based on fraud. We get the details on a fascinating story. now has one million citizen scientists working on real science projects online. We talk to one of the founders about how crowdsourcing science has become such a big thing. And speaking of crowdsourcing, in less than five years, Kickstarter has raised $1B for start-up projects. And a sequel is coming out this weekend to the sword and sandal movie 300, but how historically accurate is it? And should we care?

Banner Image: A female model demonstrating use of an electronic cigarette; Credit: Michael Dorausch