What do Conservative women like about Trump?

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Press Play talked to women at the RNC to find out why they were supporting Trump. One, shunning Hillary Clinton’s efforts to fight for women’s rights, said “I fought for women’s rights… we have them!”

From Press Play:

Melania Trump headlined Monday night at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Her husband, Donald Trump has had problems courting women voters. A Washington Post poll last month found that more than three quarters of women voters had an unfavorable opinion of him. And his choice of Indiana governor Mike Pence as a running mate may not be helping much. Pence has signed some of the most stringent restrictions on abortion access in the nation. As a congressman, Pence tried to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding. Well, on day one of the Republican National Convention, we wanted to hear from some conservative women about how they feel about their candidates’ positions on women’s issues.

Melania Trump’s speech focused on her husband’s loyalty and commitment to family and country. She also seems to have copied an entire paragraph of Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the DNC. Watch that here.