Where Does the Power Base in California Politics Reside?

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez told prospective voters at a campaign event in Whittier Saturday that her opponent in the US Senate race, Kamala Harris, is a San Franciscan, adding, “they control everything, so we’re trying to beat them.” Does the power base in California politics reside in the north?

Then, a few big donors are spending millions in 12 different legislative districts to try to elect lawmakers that are friendlier to charter schools.

Also, a new study of male undergraduates shows that more than half of participants on intercollegiate and recreational sports teams reported engaging in sexual coercion, including rape. Are athletes more likely to commit sexual assault?

Next, in her new memoir, Lab Girl, geobiologist Hope Jahren uses metaphor to deliver the gospel of science to casual observers of the natural world.

And finally, Los Angeles fashion designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the women behind Rodarte, are up for the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year; but fashion critic Robin Givhan wonders if they should even be eligible.

Image Credit: Justin Brockie via Flickr