Who are California’s multi-millionaire campaign donors?

Billionaire Tom Steyer has given nearly $40 million to liberal Super PACS this year, making him the spendiest single donor to Super PACs in the country – but not the only one. California has more billionaires than any other state and they’re pouring millions into this election.

Also, one of the most contentious issues this election season has been immigration, but in 2012 there was a glimmer of hope for bipartisan immigration reform. How did that effort collapse and did that give rise to Donald Trump?

Then, another week, another big email hack and this time former Secretary of State Colin Powell is the victim.

We’ll talk about that and the campaign to get Edward Snowden pardoned with Xeni Jardin.

And finally, Doug Aitken is an artist who is used to working on a large scale, but LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art asked him to squeeze some of his monumental work into a gallery space. The result: “Electric Earth,” a survey of the artist's career.

Photo courtesy of Ed Uthman.