Why aren't the presidential candidates talking about the poor?

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rolled out their economic plans this week in Detroit, and there was one glaring omission from both platforms – poverty. Why are the poor mostly left out of the economic conversation on the campaign trail? Then, one now-cliche question for American voters heard in presidential elections is, “who would you trust with the nuclear codes?” Fifty GOP national security officials have expressed concern over Trump having access to the nuclear arsenal, but what is the actual nuclear launch protocol? Also, Arianna Huffington announced that she will step down as editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post. What is the legacy Huffington will leave behind at HuffPo? Then, the California Cycleway – now the 110 freeway – is just one example of how bicycles paved the way for better roads in America. What can Los Angeles learn from the history of cycling? And finally, if you’ve lived in SoCal for long, you’ve likely encountered at least one coyote on a hike or on the road. Americans have a long and complicated relationship with coyotes, and cities like New York might learn a lesson or two from how Angelenos have come, for the most part, to coexist with them.

Banner Image: Poverty, by Rennett Stowe