Will free med school help lower America’s health care costs?

Various kinds of medicine. Credit: ABDULLAH SOLIMAN/CC BY 2.0.

America’s health care system is by one of the world’s most expensive. One reason for the high cost: pricey medical schools. The average medical school student graduates with about $200,000 in debt. So, as doctors, there’s an incentive to make a lot of money. This week, California-based Kaiser Permanente announced it will open its first medical school in Pasadena, and tuition will be free for the first five graduating classes. Kaiser is following the lead of New York University, which is now offering free tuition to all medical school students.


Len Nichols - George Mason University / Center for Health Policy Research and Ethics - @LenMNichols, Craig Garthwaite - University’s Kellogg School of Management

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