Women in the Workplace, Russell Brand Doc, and Bukowski's House

California Congressman Kevin McCarthy is expected to take over as speaker of the House at the end of the month when John Boehner officially resigns. McCarthy is known as a consummate politician, well-liked by his fellow Republicans, but how will he transition to his new role, where he may have to take a heavier hand?

And Congress remains a largely male dominated institution - only 20 percent of lawmakers are women. The situation in the corporate world is about the same. Just a quarter of top corporate positions - that’s senior vice president and up- are filled by women, according to a new survey of women in the workplace by Lean In, the initiative started by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Then online ad-blocking technology has existed for years in your desktop browser, but ad-blocking on your phone is new—ad-blocking software is now baked in to the iPhone’s new operating system. This has media organizations and content creators running scared.

Next, British comedian Russell Brand has reinvented himself as left-wing political rabble-rouser. And a new documentary captures the evolution of Russell Brand in all his hilarious, manic complexity.

Finally, Press Play visits writer Charles Bukowski's childhood home in mid-city, which just sold for the first time in 20 years. This is the latest installment in our 'L.A. Dwellings' series.