Zuckerberg's Gift, Straight White Men, and The Billboard Creative

World leaders are gathered in Paris this week to work on what’s been called the planet’s best, last hope for slowing climate change. The United Nations Conference on Climate Change — or COP21 — is supposed to produce a landmark agreement on global warming.

Then, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that he and his wife will set aside 99 percent of their Facebook shares over the span of their lifetime for charitable causes. Zuckerberg currently holds more than $45 billion in Facebook shares. This could potentially be one of the largest philanthropic pledges in history, but does this give Zuckerberg an advantage in shaping public policy?

Next, a play called Straight White Men is on now at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City. But there’s a twist—it was written by a Korean-American Woman. Young Jean Lee tells the story of a father and his three adult sons. Two are back home for Christmas. The third lives with the dad. And the drama surrounds that son and why he hasn’t lived up to his potential.

Finally, this month, 33 LA billboards will display art, not ads. The project was launched last year with 15 billboards by a group called The Billboard Creative.

Banner Image: Mark Zuckerberg: Guillaume Paumier/CC