A revealing year

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In this episode, we look at some of our best reporting from 2017 and how Reveal has made an impact in our world.

Our stories covered a lot of ground this year – from the beaches of Bermuda to the politically charged streets of Berkeley, California. And many brought about big changes.

Sometimes, the impact of our stories was immediate. When reporters Amy Julia Harris and Shoshana Walter released an investigation into a rehab work camp in Oklahoma, it set off a chain reaction of investigations and lawsuits. It also generated bigger questions about rehabs that benefit private industry: How many are out there? And who, exactly, is reaping the spoils?

During violent protests in California, host Al Letson saved a far-right protester from a beating at the hands of rival activists. In a follow-up interview, he questioned the demonstrator about the views that brought him face to face with anti-fascists. The responses he got were surprising, to say the least.

Finally, our reporting on the Paradise Papers pushed Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross under the microscope. Through the massive document leak, Ross was found to have significant investments in a shipping company that does business with people very close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. After our story broke, he indicated he would cut some of these ties.

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