How we learn from each storm

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Rain that was once celebrated in drought-stricken Southern California is now feared by those living near recent wildfire burn zones.  On Thursday , more than 20,000 people evacuated from Montecito, Carpinteria and parts of Goleta and Ojai, in preparation for a storm that came and went with little damage to show. This comes as a relief to a region still recovering from the mudslides in Montecito on  January 9 , which left 21 people dead and 2 still missing. We get an update on the impact of this latest storm, and learn how some emergency agencies have made changes to the language and mapping they use to warn residents.

Highway 33  north of Ojai closed due to debris flow of mid and boulders. Photo credit: Stephanie O'Neil.

Rocks and boulders like these in Ojai can get swept down burn areas during severe rain. Photo credit: Stephanie O’Neill.




Kathryn Barnes