The electoral college, goats gone wild, and Trump’s financial records

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Last week marked the last of two historic weeks of live telephonic oral arguments before the Supreme Court. In a packed session, the justices heard two of the most consequential and politically-charged cases they will decide this term. In this episode of The Legal Eagle Files, KCRW host and journalist Madeleine Brand and law professor Jessica Levinson discuss these cases.  

In one case, the justices will decide whether Congressional committees or a state district attorney have the power to subpoena President Trump’s personal financial records. In another, the court will determine whether states can punish members of the Electoral College who “go rogue” and vote for a candidate other than the one chosen by a majority of the voters in the state that elector represents. 

Brand and Levinson also talk about the hundreds of goats who lived out our pandemic dreams and roamed free throughout the streets of San Jose, CA.




Andrea Brody