Mixer: Violence in Mideast, Ripples in LA

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friday mixer bannerOver the past three weeks, the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict has seen yet another uptick in violence.

At least 40 Palestinians and nine Israelis have been killed in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

And protests and deadly clashes have, once again, become the daily norm.

At the United Nations, Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said about the violence: “We need to keep the situation from escalating into a religious conflict with potential regional implications.”

“The Knife Intifada,” as it’s being called, conjures up a lot of emotion among Israelis and the Jewish community. And, to be sure, here in Los Angeles, any flare-up in the conflict reverberates through the large diasporic communities of both sides that live here.

We heard more about how the two communities are internalizing the news from Rob Eshman, he’s the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Jewish Journal.

And Amani Barakat, the chair of Al-Awda – The Palestine Right to Return Coalition.

They both joined us for the Mixer.