Mixer: Will California’s economy dry up?

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friday mixer bannerGovernor Jerry Brown has ordered cities throughout California to cut their water use by 25 percent – or more – as the state struggles with a fourth year of an historic drought.

Meanwhile, state residents cut their water use by less than three percent in February. It’s the lowest reduction since last July.

Are people getting the message, or do they not care? And can California’s economy continue to grow without water?

Adam Nagourney wrote the lead story for last Sunday’s New York Times about the state’s drought. Which drew the ire of people who say the East Coast narrative about California has – for decades – been centered on excess and its likely demise, and not on its preparations for survival.

Nagourney joined Joe Mathews, California Columnist for Zocalo Public Square, and we had a robust conversation about the state’s economy and future.