Bungled White House Battle against Terrorist Financing?

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The US government spent 15 years tracking a Middle Eastern charity, the Holy Land Foundation, on suspicions it was financing terrorists. President Bush froze its assets after September 11 and prosecutors filed criminal charges. The case fell apart this week. Did the government overreach or did the prosecutors simply fail to put together a convincing case? Also, the President tours a scorched southern California, and Facebook may be fun for web devotees, but is it really worth $15 billion? Jim Sterngold guest hosts.

Ghassan Elashi, CEO of the Holy Land Foundation, speaks to the news media during a news conference December 5, 2001 in Richardson, Texas. The Foundation disputes claims made by the US government that it used charitable donations to fund Hamas and their goal to destroy Israel. Elashi was identified as one of four men arrested by federal anti-terrorism agents December 18, 2002 on charges of money-laundering. Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images