Ferguson, Missouri Tries to Get Back on Its Feet

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After 5 days of escalating confrontations between protesters and local police, the Missouri Highway Patrol took charge in Ferguson last night. In a welcome change since Saturday’s police shooting of a young, black man, there were “no road blocks, no tear gas and no arrests.” But the shooting itself has not been explained, and long-term issues have yet to be resolved. They include the use of military-style tactics by local law enforcement, and a black community’s lack of trust in a white police force.

Also, Ukrainian artillery may have destroyed a Russian military convoy last night, and elephants may be extinct in Africa in the next 6 years.

Banner Image: Women light candles while attending a vigil to honor Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by an unnamed police officer last Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri, at the borough of Brooklyn in New York August 14, 2014. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz