Libya, the UN and the Role of NATO

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NATO officials publicly claim a "clear mandate" to implement the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 to use "all necessary measures" to protect Libyan civilians. But within the alliance, that means different things to different countries. France and Italy want regime change, while Turkey and Germany never wanted to intervene, and the US has stepped back from leadership of the alliance. Rebel forces say they're not getting the help they need against Moammar Gadhafi's army, as new evidence emerges of government brutality. Can NATO get its act together before the rebels are wiped out? If Gadhafi holds out, can the West avoid another protracted struggle in a Muslim country? 

Note: While we were interviewing David Kirkpatrick, who's in Tripoli for the New York Times, he was interrupted. He came back on the phone to say he and some 25 other western journalists had received notes slipped under their doors, ordering them out of Libya by tomorrow morning.




Warren Olney