Are Republicans Getting their Party Together?

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There were primary elections for the US Senate and Congress in eight states yesterday. For Democrats, it was mostly business as usual, but Republicans were looking for signs of unity or division between the GOP Establishment and Tea Party supporters. In Iowa, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin unified the factions behind Senate candidate Joni Ernst, who campaigned on her ability to castrate a hog. In Mississippi, there was no final decision, and six-term Senate incumbent Thad Cochran faces a run-off with the well funded Tea-Party challenger, Chris McDaniel. How deep does party unity really go? Is it key to re-taking the Senate and nominating a presidential winner in 2016?


Jennifer Duffy - Cook Political Report - @jennifereduffy, Sam Hall - Clarion Ledger - @srhall, Kathie Obradovich - Des Moines Register - @KObradovich, Ryan Rhodes - Iowa Tea Party - @IA_Tea_Party, Vin Weber - Mercury/Clark & Weinstock, David Bossie - President of Citizens United - @David_Bossie

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