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Satellites, cable TV and other communications technologies have made America's presidential process more accessible than ever before. On Super Tuesday, as Americans turn out for caucuses and primaries in 24 states, the rest of the world is watching.  Will America choose a black man or a woman? Will the world's most powerful country be led by a businessman, a military veteran or a former preacher? As Democrats and Republicans perform their civic duty, we talk to a wide range of foreign observers. What do they think of George W. Bush? Who do they want in the White House next?


Duncan Campbell - The Guardian, Alexander Schwabe - Editor, Spiegel Online, Viktor Kremenyuk - Institute of the USA and Canada, Shlomo Avineri - Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Gailane Gabr - Egyptian political analyst, Denise Dresser - Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico - @DeniseDresserG, Francois Gouahinga - Editor, French AllAfrica website

Warren Olney

Frances Anderton, Dan Konecky, Karen Radziner