The Lure of Violent Jihad

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Just a few months ago, most Americans had never heard of a violent extremist group in Iraq and Syria called ISIL. Now this country is committing significant military resources to fight a growing number of fighters—as many as 30,000—whose horrific violence is on full display 24/7 on your medium of choice. What motivates a person to join an organization like ISIL—and how, if at all, is this terrorist operation different from its predecessors? Today, an exploration of why and how ISIL attracts recruits to its ranks as more than 40 countries prepare to confront the threat.

Also, foreign ministers meet in Paris to strategize on ISIS, and dozens of Israeli intelligence officers have been branded criminal by that country’s defense minister for refusing to serve in the occupied territories.

Banner Image: An ISIS militant carrying the regime's flag in a propaganda video.