Is the 'War on Women' Just a War on Words?

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Every election year, women's issues grab headlines at some point. What's being know this year as "the war on women" is being fueled by many of the same issues that always come up when the conversation is about women. Is there anything new to the latest debate? Working women versus stay-at-home mothers, and reproductive rights have all been hot topics in the past. What's different this year? Is there really such a thing as "the women's vote"? If there is, what defines it? How are the two political parties courting women, and what influence will women voters have in the 2012 election?


Dahlia Lithwick - Legal Affairs correspondent for Slate - @dahlialithwick, Janice Shaw Crouse - Concerned Women for America - @CWforA, Ann Stone - Trump campaign / Republicans for Choice - @aews, Katha Pollitt - The Nation - @KathaPollitt

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