9-11 Commission Hearings Wrap-Up

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The 9-11 Commission looked to the future today, asking how America-s intelligence apparatus can be reformed to protect the US against terrorism. The CIA-s George Tenet says it-ll take 5 years to develop the appropriate system. The FBI's Robert Mueller noted a change in his agency since September 11, but also acknowledged that institutional change will take time. After today-s session, the Commission-s co-chairs answered reporters- questions. Former New Jersey Governor Thomas Keane called getting the FBI and CIA up to speed "absolutely vital in the national interest." Former Congressman Lee Hamilton lamented, "We had a plea for reform without much specificity to it." Will the 9-11 Commission make America less vulnerable, or will another report end up gathering dust? Warren Olney talks to former Senator Gary Hart, whose February 2001 report on homeland security fell on deaf ears.
  • Making News: Agreement Close on Workers- Comp
    Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez-s office says he and fellow Democrats have reached agreement with Governor Schwarzenegger on workers- compensation reform. Gilbert Chan, who covers the Capitol for the Sacramento Bee, has details on the compromise that must be approved by Legislature by Friday. That's the date that the Governor's own workers' comp initiative would be submitted for California-s November ballot.

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