A Change of Pace for LA County Elections

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The LA County Sheriff and County Assessor are elected officials who can put your hands on you — or put their hands in your pockets. Due to scandals, neither job has an incumbent. We hear from Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers who wants the top job, and get a rundown on the 12 people who want to assess the value of your house. Should the person who determines your tax bill be elected at all? Also, Kobe's out for the season.  What's next for the Lakers?

167x120 image for tp140312ukraine_the_battle_oLater, on To the Point, as Crimeans prepare for a possible breakaway vote this coming Sunday, Ukraine's interim Prime Minister is visiting Washington. Can Vladimir Putin be isolated by the US and Europe? Is it too late for him to turn back? With the looming deadline of Sunday's vote, is some compromise possible?

Banner image: Kevin Dooley