A Facelift for the Fifty Year-Old 101 Freeway?

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Despite billions of dollars continuously spent to relieve gridlock on Southland freeways, new capacity is often quickly absorbed. Fed up with such congestion, residents of Agoura Hills convened a summit with CalTrans, the MTA and other cities in LA and Ventura Counties. They-ve devised three plans for expanding a freeway that runs at 175 percent of its design capacity. Should we keep widening, double-decking and adding trains, or just charge commuters who don-t work where they live to make them pay for the privilege? We hear about new plans for the 101 Freeway from Agoura Hills City Councilman Jeff Reinhardt, who spearheaded the project, Gerald Silver of the Encino Homeowners Association, and Brian Taylor of UCLA-s Institute of Transportation Studies.
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    Two stories today combine politics and shady business practices. In one, the Justice Department arrested two former WorldCom executives and charged them with fraud. In another, Bill Simon-s family company was found guilty of fraud in a jury trial that awarded $ 78 million. Republican political consultant Arnold Steinberg analyzes the trial, recent political polls and the new hurdles now facing the GOP gubernatorial candidate.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: The Secret behind Gated Communities
    Electronic gates and security guards are supposed to make neighborhoods safe and exclusive, but they-re also expensive. Fortunately, there is an affordable alternative. KCRW morning news anchor Eric Roy says that many Southland communities are now choosing to fake the gate.

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