A Hollywood Writers' Strike?

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A Hollywood writers' and studios' strike is threatening Southern California's economy tonight. A frenzied production schedule guarantees a stockpile of TV programs but cannot address the pre-production demands of features that ordinarily begin shooting in summer. Even Mayor Riordan has appealed for compromise to "save tens of thousands of Los Angeles jobs from the cutting-room floor." We analyze the issues and prospects for this major Southern California industry with a journalist who's covering the negotiations, a journalist-turned-Hollywood writer and a trade activist.
  • Newsmaker: Unveiling of Voter Initiative for El Toro - The battle over the former El Toro Marine Base continues with Orange County supervisors battling for the airport that voters approved in 1994. Irvine mayor, Larry Agran, is a prime mover in stopping the airport. Tonight, he'll unveil a county initiative to establish a great recreational park in the style of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

El Toro Airport Plan


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