A New World for California's TV, Internet, Phone Customers

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The phone companies want a piece of the television business, and they're paying big money to get it. AT&T; and Verizon want to provide cable TV over their broadband fiber-optic phone lines without negotiating contracts with local cities the way cable companies do. After heavy lobbying and a lot of campaign contributions, the Assembly gave the phone companies what they wanted--unanimously. Today, the battle went to a Senate Committee. Would competition mean better service at lower prices or something else? Would a deal made in the Senate today mean a body blow to local government? We hear from journalists, business, taxpayers and the telecommunications industry.

State Franchises for the Provision of Video Service (AB 2987)

California Public Utilities Commission (PUC)

Fresno Bee editorial on competition of cable and phone companies



Warren Olney


Frances Anderton