A Preview of the November Election

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Until now, it-s been all television ads and a few news stories. Now, with sample ballots and voter guides showing up in the mail, it-s time to seriously consider what-s at stake in November-s statewide election. Dick Rosengarten, a political insider and editor of California Political Week, joins us for a preliminary look at two of the most important propositions, Prop 49, the after-school programs initiative, created and financed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Prop 52, which provides for election day voter registration. We also peruse the long list of candidates trying to get very unhappy voters out to the polls.
  • Newsmaker: Dockworkers and PMA Continue Contract Negotiations
    Contract negotiations continued today between the Pacific Maritime Association and longshoremen despite a lock-out at West Coast docks. Mark Lachter, editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal, updates the bargaining and offers a prediction of what it will take to resolve the tensions that have been building since the contract expired in July.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Port Lockout Threatens a Toy-less Christmas
    The lockout at West Coast ports, which has already disrupted the shipping of automobiles, house wares and electronics, could also spell big trouble for the holiday toy market. Charlie Woo, CEO of Megatoys, a wholesale and retail enterprise in downtown LA, says that unless there-s a speedy resolution, there will be far fewer toys to hand out to children this holiday season.

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