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Five million dues paying members of the Automobile Club are voting in a hotly contested election over who will control the group's Board of Directors. The battle pits existing board members against a slate of four who want to expand the focus of the 100 year-old organization, known best for its roadside, insurance and travel services. We hear from Auto Club spokesperson Carol Thorpe, and from Robin Westmiller, one of the four outsider candidates for the 12-member board. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: City Council OKs Fingerprinting, Small Handgun Ban - The Los Angeles City Council gave initial approval today to ordinances banning the sale of "pocket rockets" and requiring gun purchasers, like those buying ammunition, to be thumbprinted. City Councilman Mike Feuer defends both regulations as instrumental in insuring the safety of citizens, consumers and law enforcement personnel.
  • Reporter's Notebook: DWP Head Briefs Caucus and Congress on Energy Crisis - David Freeman, general manager of LA's Department of Water and Power, met with the California Congressional Caucus for an informational briefing on the state's energy situation today. Tomorrow he'll testify before the House Energy and Power committee, focusing on the collapse of energy deregulation and the lack of federal price caps.

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