Activists Uprooted from the Farm in South Los Angeles

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After the riots of 1992, 350 farmers began working 14 acres in an industrial area of South Central Los Angeles. In the 80's, the city seized the land for a trash-to-energy facility, but a court turned that down and the property was leased to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. In 2003, the original owner got it back and announced he wanted to build warehouses. Early this morning, Sheriff's deputies the LAPD and Fire Department moved in and arrested dozens of people after negotiations with owner Ralph Horowitz fell through. Even a host of celebrities--including Daryl Hannah perched in a tree''couldn't save what supporters call the "largest urban farm in the country." Some $10 million in foundation money wasn't enough either. We hear what happened and what might be next.

South Central Farmers

Annenberg Foundation

Trust for Public Land

Hernandez's article on the Annenberg Foundation's possible financial assistance to saving South Central Farm



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