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Debra Dickerson: Former intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force. Served 12 years total, ending in 1992. Worked on the Clinton campaign, then graduated from Harvard Law School; now writes fulltime. Her commentary on adultery in the military appears in the June 16th issue US News and World Report. Karen Johnson: Vice-President, National Organization for Women. Served as a military nurse for twenty years, including overseas stints in Thailand and Spain. Admiral Eugene Carroll: Deputy Director, Center for Defense Information. Retired Rear Admiral of the US Navy. Tod Lindberg: Editorial Desk Editor, Washington Times. Larry Hugick: Director of Media and Political Studies, Princeston Research Associates. Directs Newsweek's opinion surveys, including their recent poll on adultery in the military. Susan Garment: American Enterprise Institute scholar, author of Scandal: The Culture of Mistrust in American Politics.Barbara Defoe Whitehead: Writer, journalist. Wrote Atlantic Monthly cover story "Dan Quayle Was Right." Latest book is The Divorce Culture published this past February. Pepper Schwartz: Professor of Sociology, University of Washington, specializing in family, gender and sexuality issues. Author and editor of numerous articles and books. Greg Goldin: LA Weekly writer, wrote recent cover story on Geronimo Pratt case, has been following the story for a number of years. Melissa Healy : Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau.

topic: Geronimo Pratt gets out on bail.



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