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Ms. Sandy Thurman : White House Director of AIDS policy Dr. David Baltimore : 1975 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology of Medicine. Chair, National Institutes of Health AIDS vaccine committee. Professor of Molecular Biology at MIT; incoming head of California Institute of Technology. Jeff Trewhitt : Assistant Vice President, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Eric Sawyer: Founding member of ACT UP: the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power. Gabriel Rottello: Writer, columnist, author of new book Sexual Ecology: AIDS and the Destiny of Gay Men Dr. Lee Klosinski: Director of Education, AIDS Project Los Angeles. Shepard Smith: Founder and President, Americans for a Sound AIDS Policy. Dr. Gary Richwald: Director, LA County Sexually transmitted diseases program. Curt Livesay: Attorney in private practice; held multiple managment positions with the Los Angeles District Attorney's office in a 27 year career there, including Chief Deputy DA.



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