Air is Cleaner in California but Not for Everyone

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Two years ago, Governor Gray Davis signed a bill requiring state agencies to promote environmental justice. That means correcting the historic imbalance that leaves poor and minority neighborhoods disproportionately exposed to the adverse health effects of industrial pollution. Tomorrow, the State Air Resources Board will adopt new guidelines designed to give everybody the benefits of cleaner air. We get a preview of tomorrow's meeting and an evaluation of whether the Air Resources Board can make a difference, from Joseph Lyou, of the League of Conservation Voters, and Anita Mangels, of the Western States Petroleum Association.
  • Newsmaker: JDL Members Arrested in Bomb Plot - Irv Rubin, chair of LA's militant Jewish Defense League, and League member Earl Krugel have been arrested by federal authorities. They've been charged with plotting to blow up the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City and the office of Republican Congressman Darrell Issa of San Clemente, who is of Lebanese descent. We speak with the US Attorney who brought federal charges and one of the JDL's alleged targets. We'll also get some background on the League and its history.


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