All That Rain Water, Just Going to Waste

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Yesterday, this was the fifth rainiest season on record. Today, it's the fourth with more rain forecast through tomorrow. From Bel-Air to Highland Park to Pasadena, hillside homes have been red-tagged as uninhabitable, and roads have been closed by landslides, sinkholes and flooding. The surf is up, and the snow level's down. Every time it happens, the same questions are asked. Why we can't capture the billions of gallons of water that are flowing out into the sea? Could this normally dry urban center become less dependent on the Colorado River and massive projects that transport water from Northern California? We hear how much rain is being captured, and how much more could be, from the chief engineer at the Water Replenishment District, the founding president of Heal the Bay and historian DJ Waldie.

Central Basin Groundwater Replacement

Los Angeles & San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council



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