American Airline Crash in Queens, New York

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Two months and a day after September 11, another plane has crashed in New York City. Bound for the Dominican Republic with 255 people aboard, American Airlines flight 587 went down in a residential neighborhood of Queens just after takeoff from Kennedy Airport. Eyewitness reports of a mid-air explosion have not been confirmed. New York area airports are slowly reopening. We hear more from aviation security experts and the ranking Democrat on the House Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security. (Rebroadcast from To the Point, heard earlier today.)
  • Newsmaker: LAX Feels Impact of Flight 587 Crash - Although other airports around the country were not closed, they did feel the impact. Nancy Casles, public relations director at Los Angeles International Airport, details how today's New York has repercussions all the way to the West Coast and LAX.



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