American Textile Industry in War against Pakistan

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The war on terrorism will force the US to make some tough choices between protecting domestic producers and granting favors to foreign allies. LA's garment industry may be among the first to feel the impact. Pakistan, America's most important Muslim alley in the war, is demanding that tariffs on its textiles be reduced. The Bush Administration has asked Congress to go along. But who's taking advantage of whom? We hear from a Pakistani trade minister and American trade representative whose member companies process 80 percent of the textile fabric consumed in US plants.
  • Newsmaker: Security Concerns Dominate Public Hearing on LAX - Expansion of LA International Airport is pretty much a dead issue since Mayor Jim Hahn has rejected the plans of his predecessor. Richard Riordan. Ian Gregor, of The Daily Breeze, says there is frustration because the hearings, which are continuing as scheduled, provide no details which makes pubic commentary all but impossible.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush Seeks to Tighten Immigration - At least two of the September 11 suicide terrorists overstayed their US visas. Another obtained a student visa but never enrolled in class. President Bush says it's time to crack down. Kathleen Newland, co-director of the Migration Policy Institute, explains how California might be effected by the new immigration crackdown.

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