Americans Abroad at Thanksgiving

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With the world-s only superpower getting mixed reviews for the war on terror and possible war on Iraq, what-s it like to celebrate a peculiarly American holiday overseas? In the Republic of Congo, life does not pause for Thanksgiving Day, but American expatriates plan to celebrate anyway. This year in Pakistan and Indonesia, Thanksgiving falls at a time when Americans are deeply worried about increased hostility. We hear about Thanksgiving Day in seven foreign locations, including some where Americans are popular-and some where they-re not. We also learn how to find turkeys in Moscow and cranberries in Frankfurt.
  • Newsmaker: Bush Gives Green Light to Mexican Trucks
    In the most recent stage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, President Bush today gave the go-ahead for Mexican trucks to come further into the US. Jose Lopez, Washington editor of the Mexican news agency Notimex, says that the NAFTA agreement will have an important impact on commerce and competition.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Family and Police Dreams Living daily with alcoholism and domestic violence instilled anger in a young girl. Now 15 years old, the young teen is enrolled at the Police Academy-s Magnet School and is a regular at their Explorer-s group. Dalila Rivera, a contributor to Youth Radio in Los Angeles, talks about ignoring her family-s wishes for her future and her ongoing dream of becoming a police officer.


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