Another Day of Gay Marriage in San Francisco

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Heavy rain didn-t stop another crowd of same-sex couples from getting married today in San Francisco. Almost 2000-from all over the country-have tied the knot since Mayor Gavin Newsom approved it last week, and although tomorrow, a superior court judge will hear legal challenges to the city's endorsement of same-sex marriage, municipal workers came in to perform unusual service on this holiday weekend. One of them was the Mayor-s manager of constituent relations, a trained chef and former restaurant manager. We talk to State Assemblyman who's been drafted to perform weddings at City Hall and from a Florida lawyer who's filed suit to stop them.
  • Making News: Wisconsin Primaries Tomorrow
    This President-s Day is no holiday for presidential candidates. Despite widespread consensus that John Kerry has sewn up the nomination, other Democrats are still looking for votes in Wisconsin, which holds its primary tomorrow. Craig Gilbert is Washington Bureau chief for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, but he-s been on the campaign trail since Iowa.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Big Week in LA Sports
    It-s been a big sports weekend for Los Angeles. Last night, the Staples Center hosted the NBA All-Star game, with Kobe and Shack providing the back story. Today, the Dodgers- new owner announced a new general manager. Bill Plaschke, who writes about sports for the LA Times, talks about last night-s game, the future of Kobe Bryant, and the new general manager of the Dodgers.

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