Anti-SUV Bill; LAFCO's Secession Decision

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A landmark bill that could change the way cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks are built sits inches away from the governor's desk. The legislation would allow state regulators to write "feasible rules to lower emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that have been linked to global warming." Since carbon dioxide can't be removed from car exhaust in the way other pollutants can, the likely alternative would be to burn less gas or improve fuel efficiency. The auto industry claims that new standards would significantly increase the cost of such vehicles. We hear more about the most heated debate in Sacramento from an auto industry spokesman, an environmentalist at the NRDC, and the Assemblyman who could hold the crucial vote on the matter. Managing Editor Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Valley Secession Wins Spot on November Ballot
    The Local Agency Formation Commission, made up of representatives of LA City and County, has decided to put the issue of Valley secession on the November ballot. LAFCO's decision means that, if approved, a new city of a million-plus would be created next year in the San Fernando Valley. Now secessionists must convince the rest of LA that the breakaway is a good idea. We hear more from Mayor Jim Hahn and those on both sides of the issue.

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