Antibiotics in Food: What if They Don't Work?

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The widespread use of antibiotics by farmers to hasten growth in pigs, cattle and chickens has doctors troubled about the impact on human beings. Since the discovery of anthrax bacteria in the US mail, concerns have been raised that antibiotics in our food supply could be creating super-bacteria that could make drugs less effective against bio-terrorists. We hear from a trade organization that produces medicines for farm animals, the California poultry federation, and the author of the policy that could curtail the use of antibiotics in agriculture, about the controversy that has the food industry in an uproar.
  • Newsmaker: Hahn Meets with State Leaders on Terrorism, Budget - LA Mayor Jim Hahn met today with 11 of the region's 26 state legislators about security since September 11 and how to pay for it. Matea Gold, who reports on the mayor for the Los Angeles Times, acknowledged that Hahn made good use of his signature face-to-face style in presenting the city's wish list to state officials.



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