Anticipating the Gaza Pullout

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Next week, at least 55,000 Israeli troops are prepared to evict 8,000 fellow Jews from settlements in Gaza. The deadline for voluntary departure is Monday; removal by force is promised for Wednesday. The pullout will likely mean confrontations between settlers and their supporters, and soldiers. Militant rabbis are urging resistance, some troops may refuse to obey orders, and it's possible that Israelis may shoot at each other. So what's the atmosphere like in communities that are about to be not just evacuated, but completely destroyed? We speak with BBC reporter Richard Miron, who's spent most of the last five weeks in the settlements and joins us from Gush Katif. (An extended version of this program was broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Don't Google Me!
    Despite its promise that "all the world's information... on all people" will be "universally accessible," there appear to be limits. The Internet search engine has refused to talk to CNet News for a year after the Internet agency reported the results of a Google search on Google's CEO. Mark Glaser, columnist for the Online Journalism Review, reports that Google's refusal to discuss the incident raises issues about the Internet and personal privacy.

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