Antonio Villaraigosa; New State Energy Czar

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Yesterday we spoke with Los Angeles mayoral candidate James Hahn. Today we hear from opponent Antonio Villraigosa, the winner of last week's primary with 30 percent of the vote. The third generation Angelino, who prefers the label of "bridge-builder" to that of "Latino candidate," talks about his commitment to developing the city's wealth in order to fund health and social programs. The former labor organizer hopes to streamline government by bringing labor and management together. He also pledges to maintain an elevated "tone and tenor" to his campaign regardless of any counterattacks.
  • Reporter's Notebook #1: Mexico Intervention in Police Abuse Cases - The nation's largest Spanish-language newspaper, reports that the government of Mexico will appoint a California lawyer to examine alleged LAPD abuse against Mexican citizens. David Torres, of LA's La Opinion, talks about the early stages of this symbolic gesture that was probably initiated by Mexico's President Vicente Fox.
  • Reporter's Notebook #2: Davis Names Freeman State Energy Czar - Governor Davis has named LA Department of Water and Power's David Freeman to head the state's energy conservation efforts. Freeman encourages consumers to conserve willingly or face inevitable blackouts and outrageous energy prices to make up for the terrible drain on the state's treasury.

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