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Southern California's dramatic landscape and loose building codes have made it a world-class museum for architecture. But a recent wave of demolitions and renovations of Modernist architecture -- including works by R. M. Schindler, Cliff May, and Richard Neutra, has moved many to suggest that it's time to get tough with people who live in "historic" landmarks. Does the public benefit from private buildings? What about property rights? We join Adele Cygelman, author of Palm Springs Modern, and Ken Bernstein, of the Los Angeles Conservancy, in a discussion about historic preservation, private property rights and money.
  • Newsmaker: Documents Show Enron Involvement in Energy Crisis
    Since last year's rolling blackouts, California has spent billions of dollars to ensure an adequate energy supply. Now, documents have surfaced that appear to support Governor Gray Davis' claim that Enron and other energy companies manipulated the market to drive up their profits. Kathryn Kranhold of the Wall Street Journal explains how the documents came to light. (Originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Geffen's Gift to UCLA
    Industry mogul David Geffen, famous for his philanthropy and his feuds with other Hollywood figures, has given UCLA's Medical Center an unrestricted gift of 200 million dollars. Kim Masters, contributing editor to Esquire magazine, has more on Geffen's latest act of generosity, one that may comprise the latest chapter in the Ovitz-Geffen feud.


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