Are the Dodgers Blue?

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When the Dodgers moved into Chavez Ravine forty years ago, Los Angeles lost an historic neighborhood. In the next 30 years, the team managed to generate enormous measures of civic pride. But a lot has changed since then, and recently, it just hasn-t seemed the same. Stability, tradition and mystique have been replaced by rapid turnover and big money. Are the Dodgers still a civic tradition or just another baseball team? With another Dodger season about to begin, we join former LA Times writer Jesse Katz and author Steve Delsohn for a look at the good old days, the more recent past, and the future prospects.
  • Newsmaker: Military Accident Kills Three in Desert Training
    Yesterday, two Navy fliers were killed and four injured when their helicopter crashed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Today, three soldiers died during training at Fort Irwin, in the desert 120 miles east of Los Angeles. They were among a contingent of 3500 troops from Fort Riley, Kansas, where Major Todd Livick is a spokesman. Livick says that the army is pursuing a rigorous investigation into the cause of the tragedy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Religion and Celebration Mix in LA
    This is the Easter season for Christians, the Jewish Passover and the Persian New Year. While the three holidays have different rituals, they share similar roots. Ruth Broyde-Sharone is a journalist and filmmaker who-s working on a documentary called The Taste of Freedom. She-s discovered that finding that unity is easy in a city as culturally diverse as Los Angeles.

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