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Westside residents are again fighting to keep their 310 area code. A revision in phone number rationing delayed the process but, faced with a finite total of numbers, the PUC has opened the public commentary period that precedes such a changeover. The review could result in an overlay that allots a new code to future phones, or a switch to 424 for south bay cities. We look at the impending split with former state assemblyman Wally Knox, the mayor of Torrance who's representing 15 south bay cities in the analysis, and the chair of the California Public Utilities Commission. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: Is An Energy Rate Hike Inevitable? - The billions of dollars California is spending on electricity is to be paid back by a bond issue that would ensure that the state's surplus still go to schools, roads and other programs. Yet John Emshwiller, of the Wall Street Journal, maintains that a rate hike is all but inevitable to overcome a budgetary obstacle and save the state's surplus.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Deceitful Case of Superior Court Judge Patrick Couwenberg - Patrick Couwenberg is highly regarded by colleagues and many who've put their lives in his hands, but the LA superior court judge admits he's fabricated much of his past and embellished his resume. Kenneth Ofgang, of the Metropolitan Daily News, calls the case of the compulsive liar one of the most fascinating legal dramas he's ever covered.

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