Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Teachers and Merit Pay

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The Governor says good teachers should be rewarded and bad ones should probably lose their jobs, but his proposal for evaluations and financial rewards has teachers planning to take to the streets. The California Federation of Teachers plans a conference Friday on what it calls Arnold Schwarzenegger's "assault on public education." The group will march to a local shopping mall to ask voters not to sign petitions to put the Governor's proposed initiatives on the statewide ballot. We focus on just one of their targets, merit pay, with the Governor's Secretary of Education, former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan.
  • Making News: Robert Blake Found Not Guilty by Jury
    Hollywood actor Robert Blake is a free man tonight acquitted of killing his wife, Bonnie Lee Blakely, four years ago. Mary Murphy, senior writer at TV Guide, and co-author of Blood Cold, about the Blakely murder case, has more on the verdict that stunned the courtroom and the trial that was as much about Blakely's life as it did about Blake's culpability.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Phil Angelides Launches Campaign for Governor
    It's more than a year until next year's primary elections, and Governor Schwarzenegger hasn't said if he'll run again. But at least two Democrats are challenging him anyway, and the first one out of the box is the current State Treasurer. Phil Angelides gives us a preview of his platform, sizes up his possible rivals, and affirms why he's the best man for the job.

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