Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor?

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If the recall of Governor Davis makes the ballot and wins, voters in the same election will choose his replacement. Under laws passed almost 100 years ago, there will be no partisan contest among Democrats, Republicans and other political parties. The winner doesn-t even need a majority, just the most votes that are cast that day, and all it takes to get on the ballot is 65 signatures and $3500. The Terminator hasn-t announced yet, but he-s made plenty of jokes about the possibility if the recall makes the ballot. Will star-power be what it takes to win? Backers of Arnold Schwarzenegger are counting on it. Would California elect another actor? We hear more from a Sacramento Bee political insider and Governor Davis- former political advisor.
  • Making News: First Lady Confident about Recall Result
    Governor Davis has yet to address this program about the recall. He continues to turn down our standing invitation. However, at the suggestion of the Governor-s office, we welcome the person even Gray Davis-s own campaign aides call his best political asset. Sharon Davis, California-s First Lady, discusses Republican motives behind the recall and her optimism about the outcome of such an election if it makes the ballot.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mourning, Healing at Santa Monica Farmers- Market Reopening
    Last week-s accident at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market killed 10 people and injured 45 more. All the venders survived and, on Saturday, the Market re-opened for business. There was also a multi-faith memorial for the victims. Which Way, L.A.? producer Gisele Regatao talked to farmer, shoppers and city officials about the healing process and what lies ahead.

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