Asian Americans

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Mike Woo: Los Angeles Director, Local Initiative Support Corporation, which funds affordable housing and inner city economic development. Former Los Angeles City Council member. Congressman David Dreier: Republican Congressman representing the 28th District, which covers much of the East San Gabriel Valley. Congressman Henry Waxman: Democratic Congressman from Los Angeles. Represents the 29th District. Ranking Democrat on the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, which is holding hearings on campaign fundraising. Susan Au Allen: President, US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce. Member, New Majority Council, the Republican National Committee's minority outreach program. Dr. Suzanne Anh: Neurologist based in Dallas, Texas. Longtime political contributor. Testified at recent Civil Rights Commission forum on Asian Americans in politics. Steve Grossman: Chairman, Democratic National Committee. Prof. V. Mansfield- Richardson: Associate Professor of Communications, Pennsylvania State University. Former staff writer for the Washington Post. Currently writing How Leading US Newspapers Cover Asian Americans. Alan Miller: Investigative reporter, Los Angeles Times Washington Bureau. Heading the foreign campaign contributions investigation. Lewis Tolley: Western Regional Director, Handgun Control.

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