Baca on Blackouts; Canter v Field for School Board

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With 725,000 students and a budget that tops that of most countries, the Los Angeles Unified School District is governed by seven elected board members. District 4 runs from the Westside to the northwest San Fernando Valley. Incumbent Valerie Fields, who considers herself the "first reformer" elected to the board, has the support of the teachers' union. Challenger Marlene Canter, an educator who built her own company to train teachers, has the endorsement of Mayor Richard Riordan. With the election little more than a week away, they share their views on teachers, teaching and the future.
  • Newsmaker: Public Safety Blackout Preparedness Task Force - In the interest of public safety, Governor Davis has announced a system for advance notification of blackouts. Sheriff Lee Baca, who is advising the governor on the public safety aspects of such warnings, explains how such incremental advisories and can actually help prevent power outages.

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