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Juanita Melender-MacDonald: Congressional Representative, 37th District, (South Central LA, Watts, Long Beach) Philomena Desmond-Ogugua: Nigerian-born Desmond-Ogugua is on the Advisory Committee for the National Summit on Africa (to take place in 1999) and founding member of the Emerging Force, a group that tries to get naturalized Africans in the US to get involved in politics to develop better policy towards Africa; she's also a member of the Executive Council of the Women's Leadership Forum of the Democratic Party John Stremlau: Professor of International Relations at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa; he was Deputy Director of Policy Planning at the US State Department in the Bush and (first) Clinton administration George Ayittey: Associate Professor of Economics at the American University; Associate Professor of Economics at the American University; President of the Free Africa Foundation Bob Benson: Professor of Trade and the Environment at Loyola Marymount University Jarrett Fellows: Editor of the Watts Times Sarah Fisher: Staff writer for the LA Business Journal Charles Reed: Chancellor of Cal State Universities

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