Baldwin Hills Power Plant

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To help solve the energy crisis, Governor Davis has issued a fast-track emergency order exempting new power plants from normal environmental review if they can be running by September 30. One plant in Baldwin Hills, on a working oil field with a natural gas plant on-site, was in development. Today, economic and environmental concerns, as well as its location in a large urban park, now threaten its construction. We get a surprising update on the fate of the plant from its developer, a community parks advocate, and an energy specialist who evaluated the proposal at the request of the LA County Board of Supervisors.
  • Newsmaker: Baja California's Prescription Drug Trade - The arrest of an 81-year old American has refocused attention on Mexico's black market in prescription drugs. Alfredo Gruel Culebro, director of health regulation for the state of Baja California, says travelers in search of antibiotics, painkillers and tranquilizers will be surprised by new regulatory demands for a prescription from Mexican doctors.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Children's Enrichment Program - One response to juvenile violence has been to lower the age at which kids can be sentenced to death. The Children's Enrichment Program, created after the LA riots, offers a more creative solution. KCRW's Kristen Muller took a field trip with inner city kids to learn about the alternatives to urban violence.

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